Stream and Wetland Mitigation

Stream and wetland mitigation is an important endeavor here at CreekStone.  We have been involved in several on-site mitigation projects which offered the developer flexibility and the public invaluable resources.  We are in the progress of intensifying our mitigation efforts by means of private mitigation banks with will off the public sector availability to purchase stream and wetland "credits" to off-set impacts related to private and public projects.  Stay tuned!!

Stream and Wetland Delineation, Restoration and Mitigation

Stream and Wetland delineation, restoration and mitigation is second nature for CreekStone. We have been involved in numerous Stream and Wetland projects throughout the southeastern US. Our familiarity with the Blue Ridge/Appalachian stream geomorphology coupled with our approach of natural channel design, CreekStone ensures the project will be treated with the highest priority to succeed. We offer turnkey Stream/Wetland restoration planning including delineation and permitting.

Regional Commitment

CreekStone is pleased to provide our specialized professional services in the Southern Blue Ridge and Piedmont Province!

Enjoy the Appalachians!

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